Well, this blog and my soon-to-be website are all a work-in-progress, but I decided it was time to get them both going!

So, yay!

I have always been a photographer at heart. I took pictures of people when I was in school, instead of trying to be in the photos. My mom had several old cameras, including a Brownie type one. She taught me how to look through the viewfinder and find what you wanted to photograph. So, before I was in school, I would take that camera around with me and look at the world through the viewfinder!

Photography has been such a great artistic outlet for me. After having children, I wasn’t able to find time to draw or paint or anything that fueled any creativity for the longest time. I started photographing my children and pretty soon, my passion for photography took over. I have documented so many parts of their lives that they will never wonder what they were doing on any particular day. I have it saved for them!

Eventually, my children started fussing whenever I would point the camera at them. So, I started taking photographs of the world around me. Buildings, flowers, trees, animals…it didn’t matter. If it wouldn’t run from me, I would take a photo!

Now, I have started taking photographs of other people, families, babies, seniors…anyone who won’t run when I point the camera at them! ☺ My children are relieved!


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