The Wizard….

So, most photographers struggle with the same few things that really drive them crazy. One is finding the perfect do-everything kind of lens so they don’t have to carry around 8 different lenses with them for each session. The other is pricing. There are books written about it and how to do it, which is great, but I am a visual learner. You can tell me all day where my pricing needs to be, but at the end of the day, it is still where it was before.

I was so excited to be able to test out Kori and Kate’s Photographer’s Pricing Wizard because it is something you use, not just read.
And after about 5 minutes of working with it, I was hooked!

How did someone not think of this before???????

I pulled out my little notebook that had all the notes I had written about my pricing in it and then started to input the numbers into the Pricing Wizard and watched as it calculated everything for me. It even filled in the collections boxes and updated them too!

I had planned on re-doing my pricing after Christmas, and this little tool will make sure that I keep it all straight and that I won’t miss a thing!
And guess what else? It is totally affordable for even new photographers. Yep, they took into account the budgets of photographers of all levels!

For a limited time, you can purchase Kori and Kate’s Photographer’s Pricing Wizard for only $69. You can purchase it right HERE.

Go check it out! You will sooooo happy that you did!

(I received a copy of Kori and Kate’s Photographer’s Pricing Wizard to test and use. The opinions here are mine and I was not asked to write this. This product is amazing!)


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