After Christmas….

Well, we all made it through Christmas! Whew!

Our Christmas was a little different this year because our children no longer believe in Santa. They KNOW where the presents have all come from. At first it made me a bit sad, but then I realized that I no longer had to really hide things around the house. Once the presents were wrapped, they could go right under the tree.

It also meant having honest conversations with my children about what was on their Christmas list. If Santa is paying for it, well, the sky is the limit. If Mom and Dad are paying for it, they knew they needed to be more realistic.

Our Christmas was a very low-key affair, to say the least. We had lots of food, some fun family time and just enjoyed having some time off. My camera, however, did not get time off. I took tons of photos and can’t wait to look through all of them. (Can you believe I haven’t done that yet?)

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well.

Now I am looking ahead to the New Year. I am working on some fun and very exciting things. I will keep you all updated!

What are you most excited about for the upcoming New Year?


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