Day 3: Project 365

It’s Day 3 at Project 365!

I have been excited about doing this project. Maybe because it gives me an excuse to take a photo every single day of the year. But, did I really need an excuse to do that? I think I pretty much do it anyway just based on the amount of space my TWO external hard drives use! ☺

Sometimes when I frame a photo in my head I see it as looking one way and then when I pull it up on the computer it looks completely different. Sometimes it is a good thing and sometimes a not-so-good thing.

In this case, I framed the photo in my head, in my camera and actually said out loud..”This would look amazing with a texture behind it because of the sky…”

And I do believe I was right. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue but there was no contrast to it. Just blue. It is way better than when the sky has too much white in it, but still needed a little extra zing. So textures can be the perfect way to liven up a photograph!

Orthwein Monument. Bellefontaine Cemetary.

What do you like about using textures in photography?

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