I love that photography allows me to create all kinds of art. I can create portraits of people, animals or whatever I want. I can take those photographs and add textures and overlays to them and end up with something that looks more like a piece of art than a photograph.

I try not to get too heavy handed with the textures and sometimes I play with how they look until I am happy with the overall image. And if I think it’s too much…well, it probably is and I back off with it a bit!

But then there are times that I want more of a textured look. Sometimes the photograph just seems to almost need it to bring it to life.

Here are two examples of some images with textures. The first has a texture but it’s not as strong as the second one. With the second image, I wanted it to look like a print.

I was so happy with how they both turned out. I hope you like them as well!

Just a hint of a texture on this one to make the bloom on the tre POP.
This one has heavier textures on it. I used some scratched overlays on it.
(This one I might have to print and hang up in my house!)


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