Rain, rain……go away!

It seems like everyone is dealing with rain lately. No matter where people are, I keep hearing everyone complain about the amount of rain we are getting. We all went straight from cold, winter weather to so much rain that places are flooding.

I was hoping for a pretty Spring, but it doesn’t seem that we are getting that. We are just getting soggy!!

I needed to scout a location for an engagement shoot and headed out to the Butterfly House. I took my camera along so I could see what it was like and get an idea of the space, etc.

The number of butterflies in there is off the charts! Unreal! The zoom and zing right at you. At first it was a little weird because they have zero fear of people. And then it became very cool once I realized I could get closer to them and they weren’t scared of the sound of the camera shutter! Yay!

I didn’t stay long…the humidity was off the charts too!

Here are a few of my fave shots from the day. (Notice the tiny little spider on the red flowers…he was a tiny little guy!)


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