Changes…and more.

I have been hard at work, even though you haven’t seen it here. I have been working on my website, editing photos, sending photos to the lab for printing and working on some other behind-the-scenes kinda things here. And I have been doing lots of other little tasks here that have been on my to-do list for some time now!

One of my favorite changes now is that clients can now pay for sessions using a credit card or their PayPal account! How awesome is that? Pretty awesome and super convenient, if you ask me.

Also I am getting ready to start recruiting some Senior Reps too! Senior Reps earn **free** (yes, free!) rewards for promoting my business!! It will be a super easy way for seniors to get more photos to share with their family and friends (and save a little money for things like college!).

I can’t forget to mention that the blog is going to get a beauty makeover too. Yay! (And yes, that makes me happy too!)

Even though the skies are gray and there is rain, rain, rain everywhere….we are doing some Spring cleaning here and getting ready for a busy season!

If you would like to book your photoshoot experience, send me an email at!


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