Last week was a rough one for me. I totally lacked any inspiration. My creativity was pretty much out the window. I sulked. I whined. I was miserable. And then…..I got mad.

I know that everyone has to start somewhere, believe me, I know. But at the same time I was seeing people buy a DSLR and hang out their “Open for Business” sign in the same week. I really felt like throwing in the towel. I mean, there are days that I still wince when I say “professional” in front of the word “photographer” when people ask me what I do. (I’m getting better at that, though!)

But thankfully I have supportive people around me. Artsy people who say “Forget all of that…do what you need to do!” and support me no matter what choice I make. Wow. I am so lucky! I was so grateful for all their kind words and their kick in the pants to get motivated.

So, here I sit, brimming full of ideas for future photoshoots. Inspired beyond words. I just hope my camera can keep up with all the things swirling through my professional photographer brain!

(Maybe if I say or write it enough I won’t wince when I use that word!!!)


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