Weather and Sunshine

In photography, you love having control over your shot. Getting the perfect shot with the perfect light and perfect composition. But sometimes things are out of our control. Like when the temps soar to 102 degrees and we have outdoor shoots scheduled. Or we have an engagement shoot scheduled in the park and it rains, or the groom-to-be gets sick.

And sometimes we just get a blah day to shoot. No clouds. No color in the sky. Every image will look like you totally blew out the sky just because that is how the sky ACTUALLY looks.

There is a fix to this though. I take lots of images of just clouds. Big puffy clouds, small ones, big blue skies and dark ones too. This way I have an arsenal of skies and clouds I can use to “enhance” an image and take it from just an okay image to a great image! Pretty cool, huh?


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