Prairie Partnership Restoration

Have you ever walked into an old home or a historic neighborhood and instantly felt that connection to the past? I felt that today, but wasn’t in a building or old home of any kind. And there weren’t any living people in the neighborhood. I felt that connection to a piece of land inside Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis.

Calvary Cemetery is a place where some St. Louis notables are interred. The Demenil family is there, along with the Chouteau family. You can visit the grave of Tennessee Williams and Dred Scott.

One of the most phenomenal aspects of this cemetery is a little plot just ahead of Section 37. There are no headstones that note what it is or why it is there, but it is very significant.

That little plot is the last known original and native tallgrass prairie remnant in St. Louis. Yes, that’s right. That plot of prairie grass has been around for quite some time. Many people have walked through it and beside it. They have looked at the beautiful sunflowers that just seem to pop up here and there. They have marveled at it’s beauty.

Various organizations have stepped up to help maintain it. The Missouri Botanical Garden has even helped with it as well. What a valuable little treasure just sitting there in that cemetery. No markers or signs. No fancy fencing separating visitors from being up close to the prairie grass itself.

I was in awe of the beauty that I saw there today. It’s historical significance to our city and to those who founded it are abundant though. Thank you to all the people who have worked to maintain this wonderful piece of St. Louis history!



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