Texture Set {Metal}

Do you love textures too???

I love working with textures. I think I have made that pretty clear. I love the depth that they add when they are used correctly. They can add a hint of color or they can just make an image POP.

I created this set a while back and have been using it on my own images exclusively, but decided it would be nice to share. These textures are more of a metal type texture but they can even be added to portraits. I never thought of using them on portraits until one day I just grabbed one thinking it had the right “character” and have been using them on portraits ever since! There are 10 textures in this set!

(Just be sure to make sure to really look at the skin tones and remove any unwanted texture off the skin. You can remove it by using layer masks!)

Here is an example of a portrait that has textures applied to it. (Texture #9)

Here is an example of an image from the Botanical Gardens with the image applied to it. See, it works great for both kinds of images! (Texture #6)

You can even use them to create digital art. Please read the Terms of Use and do not ¬†redistribute these as your own, sell them as your own or put them on your website/blog as a download. (You can provide a link to this website, but don’t post them as your own download!). Please respect the time and energy I put into making them. Don’t steal. Don’t be dishonest! A credit and link back to here is appreciated if you use these, but not required! They can be used for personal and commercial use!

Download them HERE…..and ENJOY!


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