Cover Images for Timeline {Set 1}

So yesterday Facebook started switching businesses over to the new Timeline. There was a lot of discussion, commotion, upset, joy and every other emotion you can think of floating around on the internet.
My personal page was part of the beta testing on the Timeline to work out all the bugs and since I have had it since September or so, I have learned to use it and love it. But there are still some people who are going into the switch kicking and screaming. Not me. I am usually a creature of habit, but when it comes to the web and learning new stuff, I am all on board with it.
Anyway, people were trying to figure out what to put as their new Timeline photo while they learned how to use their new profile, so I decided to take a few of the images I have created and put them together for anyone who doesn’t want to leave that open spot blank or if you just want something cute for it.
These are for commercial or personal use. There are 3 in the set and you can choose whichever one you want. They are JPG files and they were created using the specifications from Facebooks pdf chart that explained the sizing. The will come in a zip file so you will need to unzip it before using them!
(I am hoping to have another set done by the weekend!)
 Download them HERE
Thanks to Sassy Designs for the amazing digital papers that were used in some of the designs. I ♥ Sassy!


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