CoffeeShop Blog Rocks

I have been meaning to post this and kept getting sidetracked….you know how life gets a little crazy sometimes? Well, it seems that when it gets crazy around here it really kicks into high gear and then it takes me a while to catch up.

I was excited and honored to see that Rita from the CoffeeShop Blog had created these wonderful Timeline covers using vintage frames from my own personal collection that I had sent to her.

If you have never checked out the CoffeeShop Blog, you really should head over there and check it out. Rita has tutorials, frames, storyboards, digital design elements and all kinds of other goodies over there…and they are all FREE. Yes, free, because she is awesome like that.

Rita is one of those people who have consistently inspired me to pay it forward. Through working and partnering with her on projects I have learned that a lot of good can come of just being nice and sharing. She is an inspiration to me as a photographer, designer and a person. Her work is extraordinary, so go check out her site and see how awesome she is for yourself!

PS…Here is a link to another frame I sent her recently! I love seeing these old, vintage family frames find new life!!

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