Chicks, Ducks, and (Not) Bunnies

I usually would not do a photoshoot with live animals and especially ones at Easter. (I think buying chicks or bunnies just for photoshoots is not very nice! They need forever homes!). I have a friend who is an urban farmer and after meeting her 26 chicks I thought it would be cute to do a photoshoot with them. And they already have homes and are very well cared for so I thought this would be fun!

And it was!

The chicks were so good. They behaved well and since they are used to people and being held, they didn’t scare him. He had a ball watching them and playing. One even decided to perch in his foot and he was gently shaking his foot to get him to move. It was priceless!

See how happy he was with the chickies……

This one was my favorite. He was very gentle with them.

Can you tell which chickie that likes to perch decided that his foot might also work as one? Yep. She moved off the basket and onto that foot! 


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