Gifts for the Photographer {Mother’s & Father’s Day Gift Ideas}

With Mother’s Day coming up (and Father’s Day just around the corner too), I thought it might be fun to post some cool little gifts for the photographer in your life! I also enjoy getting stuff like this for my birthday and Christmas…and just because! Photographer gifts are always welcome!!

Photojojo is one of my favorite stores. They have cute and fun and useful stuff. Lots of cute stuff, so that is where I am going to start with my list!

I could seriously spend a lot of money on the Photojojo site. One of my favorite things I have gotten from them has been my Canon Camera Lens Mug. It’s cute and I get a lot of compliments on it. (And unlike all my other coffee mugs, my kids have not been able to break or chip it!). Prices start at only $24.

Or maybe you think the photographer in your life would like these adorable camera cookie cutters. Then every time they make cookies for the family or for the kids to take to school they can make them in these fun shapes. They are a super affordable $18.
Now, here is something that I have been adoring and thinking about getting for myself. It’s a DIY Twin Lens Camera Kit. Yes, you build this little camera yourself…and it works. While putting the camera together you will see for yourself how all the little parts and pieces work together to make your images. It uses 35 mm film and is only $20. (No, I didn’t leave any numbers off…20 bucks!)

If the photographer in your life doesn’t want to put their camera together, here are two other cameras you can find relatively cheap to give them something new to try…..
A Diana F+ Lomography Medium Format Camera for only $39.95. This film camera uses 120 film and you can even remove the lens to make it into a pinhole camera. Something fun and different! The Diana camera is noted for it’s “dreamy, radiant and lo-fi images”.

Or maybe a Holga Camera….this adorable little camera that is desired by art photographersalso uses 120 film. It doesn’t need batteries and it takes wonderful fine art images. This great little camera is only $29.99!

How about this cute little number? A Vintage Camera Tote and Pouch. This is so adorable. I would just use this as my all around bag for when I need to carry more stuff than my purse will hold. And it folds flat so it would be the perfect little bag to throw in a suitcase to bring back souvenirs and stuff bought on trips. (And would you believe that this is only $25????)
Does your photographer do a lot of street shooting or shooting on-location? Well, if so here is a great gift from the Peta Pixel Store (and it’s only $10!). It is a Gray Card Set for setting your custom white balance (so handy!) that also has the Photographer’s Rights printed on the opposite side. If anyone challenges their right to shoot where they are….they have proof that they can shoot! 

Have you ever wished that you could just take photos and have them sent directly to your computer, Android, or iPad? Well, now you can thanks to the Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card. It fits into your camera like a regular memory card and sends your images and videos to your designated device. Prices for the cards start at $49.99.

Need a storage place for all of your memory cards? Well, here is a nice little addition to your stage options. It’s the Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket. It stores up to 10 memory cards. It can fold up and fit easily in your pocket or even attach to your clothing for being able to work faster! (You can find more products and information on the Think Tank Photo website.). At $18.75 this can fit into anyone’s budget!
Sometimes photographers can’t use their tripods due to space issues or they are just too cumbersome to take places. That is when the monopod comes in handy. They are great for sporting events or dance recitals when your equipment needs that extra support just to keep your images sharp and crisp. Sizes, models, and prices vary. This one is by Manfrotto (great brand) and it only starts at $24.89.

You can find lots of photography inspired tshirts, hoodies, patches and stickers on the internet. There is a great collection on Cafe Press.
Maybe you would like to get Mom something pretty and functional…well, here it is! An adorable camera strap cover from Swanky Stitch! The camera strap that comes with your camera is functional yes, but cute, no way! Let Swanky Stitch help you make your camera more fashion forward. Not only do they make the camera strap cuter, but they make it more comfortable to wear around your neck and they are machine washable. (Thank goodness for those days that I am shooting out in the heat!)
You can even customize them too. Add a pocket for your lens cap or a ruffle! So cute! Prices for the camera strap covers start at $25! 
And Swanky Stitch even has gift certificates available if you want to let Mom choose!
Swanky Stitch also has another item I totally am in love with….the camera wrist strap. I love having the neck strap, but sometimes I just want to be able to tether it to my wrist and go. And I completely love the designs and colors….this one is my favorite. Seriously…Mom would swoon if she got something like this! (I know I would!). 
(And these start at $18! Can you believe that? LOVE them!)
Here is a cute way to brighten up the photographer’s work space…art prints. I know we photographers will take tons of art prints, but these are inspired by different cameras. How cute!
There is this 8×10 from TR Prints featuring vintage cameras. ($14).
Or maybe you like this one titled Snap! Click! from Ecce Prints. ($15)
Here’s another idea that photographers also love…subscriptions to photography magazines. We love reading anything we can get our hands on related to photography. I still love getting mail and I get even more excited about getting mail when it’s one of my photography magazines!
Some of my favorites are…..
American Photo ($12.95 per year)
Popular Photography ($14.00 per year)
And last but not least….Shutterbug  ($17.95 per year)
Now I hope this has inspired you to get out there (I mean….online!) and find that perfect gift. Yeah, maybe it won’t be in exactly on time for Mother’s Day (but you have plenty of time for Father’s Day), but I can tell you that these are all gifts any photographer would LOVE to get whether they are on time or not!
Happy Shopping and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there who work at home and work outside the home….. ALL moms are working moms!
(I tried to make sure that my gift suggestions were also affordable ones too so that any budget could find something here. If you have any suggestions for a future update of great gifts, please let me know!)

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