In a sort of brave way….

I was going through my Spring photos and came across this one that I did for my teenage daughter. She is an obsessive book reader and had gone through the Hunger Games series before it was the “in” thing to do. We happened to be outside one day when she picked up the little dandelions and was blowing them, which she really hasn’t done in a long time.

She’s growing up. She has had struggles with becoming a teenager and watching her childhood friends change and some of them growing apart. This has been a year of learning about who she is, what kinds of friends she wants to have in her life, and not settling for anything less than what she deserves.

I thought that the Sharpie on her hand, the fragile nature of the dandelion and the strength and bravery of my amazing daughter all made for an interesting photo!

(But that could just be me, she is my daughter, after all! But she is a fighter and she is much braver and courageous than she even knows.)


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