Summer Time

Well, based on the temperatures we have had lately (over 90 degrees) and the fact that I had watermelon last night and that my children are out of school, I believe it is safe to assume that summer has officially arrived here.

I love getting out in the summer and taking photos just as much as I do any time of year. There is so much around here to photograph (not to mention summer trips too!). I usually try to take a point and shoot camera with me when I am out. You never know what you might capture. Even on ridiculously hot days it is not unusual for me to get my camera out and go out shooting!

This was just a nice day at the pool. Even in the winter time when I look at this I can feel the warm summer sun and feel the cool water. Look at how clear and inviting that water looks. Who is ready for a swim now?

And there is always ice cream to help cool you off. (Or sno-cones!). We also like getting frozen custard too. And gelato. Basically, anything ice cream like! ☺
Downtown there is a cool little area and they turn on their fountains and you can play in them. On hot days that I have been downtown I have been known to walk through them. (The upside of being an artist..people expect quirky behavior from you!). I wish I could go down to that area more because it is very unique and very cool.
Another way to beat the heat…Six Flags. Most people would disagree and say that it is a lot of walking…which it is. But the rides are so strategically placed that you can ride a water ride and then a fast ride and you forget all about the heat.  The Sky Screamer is 236 feet up in the air and goes about 43 miles per hour, it is a great way to dry off and cool off after riding the Tidal Wave that is just across from it. The Tidal Wave drops you over a 5 story waterfall into 300,000 gallons of water. It’s hard to notice the heat when you are soaked from head to toe!
Six Flags has locations in 9 states (And in Canada and Mexico too!). If you have a current Season Pass and are visiting an area with a Six Flags, your Season Pass will get you a FREE entrance to any of their theme parks! Pretty cool, huh?
Another favorite of ours to do in the summer is hit the carnivals. (In a previous life I think I might have worked on the old school carni circuit! ☺). We love the rides and it reminds me of when I was a kid and how much I loved them too! Tilt-a-Whirl and the Scramblers are my favorites though!
But one of the favorite things about summer whether I am at Six Flags or at a carnival is a funnel cake. I don’t even need the mega one with the ice cream and strawberries, just the regular ol’ funnel cake. Summer just isn’t summer without one. The things I have to have during the summer time are watermelon, sun tea, a cherry sno-cone and a funnel cake.
What is your favorite thing to do in the summer? And what are your summer must-haves?

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