It’s Friday…and I’m playing favorites

I recently stumbled upon a wonderful and inspiring blog called The Long Road to China and have started looking forward to every post she does. When I was getting ready to put this post together about my trip to Springfield, IL and post some of my favorite shots I noticed that she had a little blog meme for the day and thought I would kind of jump in with it!

This week my husband and I took our kids to Springfield, IL where we visited Abraham Lincoln’s Springfield home, the Lincoln Tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery and then we went to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. It was a wonderful trip and we all learned a lot that we didn’t know about him and I found myself admiring and respecting him even more after this trip.

The Lincoln Tomb is amazing! It is so huge and majestic. Walking through the hallways there are all of these statues of Lincoln and you then walk into the vault where he and his family are. I have been here before, but I had never been in there when there weren’t a ton of people inside. On this particular day it was just us and the Lincoln’s. Even outside, I was stunned that I didn’t have lots of tourists in my photos!

I had recently watched Stealing Lincoln’s Body and then read the book too and was so fascinated by it all. Being at the tomb and in Oak Ridge Cemetery where it all took place made me feel very connected to the story. I could only imagine at that time when there was no electricity out here how dark it was and how remote it was from town.

(And this is pretty much a SOOC shot except for straightening it a bit and added my watermark! Can you believe my luck that no one was around it at the time????)
On May 4, 1865 this doorknob was turned and behind it was placed the bodies of President Abraham Lincoln and his son William. This was known as the Receiving Vault. Lincoln and his son stayed behind this locked door in the Receiving Vault until December 21, 1865.
After we left Oak Ridge Cemetery we went to Lincoln’s Springfield home and then went to the Presidential Museum. Right across the street from the Museum was a little park with two statues of Lincoln and I couldn’t resist getting some shots of them. This one ended up being a favorite because I was able to capture Lincoln with the American Flag waving behind him. In post processing I took an image I have of the Gettysburg Address and overlayed that onto the image and absolutely loved the result!

Thanks for sharing our trip with us. I hope you liked the images. If you ever get a chance to visit Springfield, IL I highly suggest you do so. Not hard to get around it at all and there was so much to see and learn. And if you weren’t a Lincoln Nerd before your visit, you will be after the visit!

Thank you to The Long Road to China for your inspiration and for all of your wonderful blog posts! You make me want to jump into blogging with both feet!


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