Gelato…and an Elopement!

This shoot was so fun! I was contacted about shooting an elopement, but I had to make sure to keep it quiet. No problem!
This ended up being such a fun and sweet wedding! They made their vows and even their first kiss as man and wife extra special by tailoring their ceremony to fit their personalities. I think nothing says a tailor made ceremony like the words “You may now brohug the bride”…..
The ceremony was held at the Gelateria Del Leone in South City where the couple met. How cute are they?
After the ceremony we celebrated with gelato instead of cake. (Yummy on a warm day!). This place has some amazing gelato and lots other assorted yummy goodness!  Sometimes choosing what you want is the difficult part! 
Then they were off to celebrate with winery tours and a stay at a bed and breakfast and to just get away and be newlyweds! 
This is just proof that not every wedding is exactly alike and that you should be prepared for anything when you show up to shoot a wedding! You never know when something cute or fun or oh-so-sweet is going to happen!

(This is the only reading at the wedding. It was written by Bob Dylan.)
Congratulations to Becky and Brohug!

And a very special thank you to the owners and staff at the Gelateria Del Leone for allowing us to take over your patio and helping them create even more special memories! You all rock!


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