Walking through History

In St. Louis we are very lucky to have such a rich and colorful history that still surrounds us. We can actually visit and touch and see parts of our heritage here. There is a neighborhood right off the highway, tucked behind old trees and facing big brick buildings where beer was brewed by the Lemp family is the DeMenil House.

Their history is not tragic as the Lemp history is, but their story is important to St. Louis too. The home was built in 1848 and was originally a farmhouse. When the DeMenil family purchased the home they added on to the house and it became a Greek Revival Mansion and it is pretty much unchanged from that time.

The neighborhood is still quiet even though there is a busy highway right next to it. Traffic is slow. And now that Cherokee Street is such a booming area and it is within walking distance, more people are discovering this historic little gem tucked away between big buildings and the highway.

If you took a walk around the neighborhood, this is what it looks like…..

Chatillion-DeMenil Mansion
Back of the house and the iron fence that surrounds it.

Red brick sidewalks.

Lots of iron fencing….

More iron work on the fencing…

What a beautiful gate door.



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