Textured Tuesday {and a free gift for you}

I have an extra special little gift for you all today. This is a texture I created and that I just absolutely love. It is quite versatile and is just so much fun to play with. You can use it as a texture for photos or for scrapbooking or even for creating cards and other assorted goodies for yourself or your clients.

It makes me think of Summer and it reminds of me when I was little and I would go to the store with my grandmother and she would buy a Grape soda. So, this little lovely is called “Grape Crush” and I really do have quite the crush on it right now.
I love all the elements to this! It’s fun to use and play with! Here it is in action. I completely love the way it added more depth to wall. (I did create a layer mask and using a black brush I removed it from my model.)
If you would like to download Grape Crush you can get it by clicking HERE. If is free for personal or commercial use. You don’t even have to give me credit for it! I plan on doing more of these, so if you would like to make sure you get them,  please subscribe via email to my blog or follow me! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy the texture!!

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