Catching up

I have lots to catch up on and lots of sessions to show you. Lots of great weddings (and one very close to my heart!). Summer vacation is coming to a close and I have been enjoying all my family time. My in-laws have visited, my husband’s aunt has visited us too. They didn’t enjoy the heat, but they enjoyed lots of family time too.

I got to spend several days celebrating my daughter having her own wedding! I wore many hats that day for her, but it was a great day. She and her new husband spent the time surrounded by the people they love and the ones who love them  and we had a wonderful celebration. She and her husband already have a 3 year old daughter who was  just the cutest little flower girl ever. While I was shooting her wedding, her dad was in charge of our grand-daughter and they had an awesome time. I loved hearing all the giggles and watching her hug him. She’s our sweet lil’ girl and we spoil her rotten!

I am trying to catch up on all my editing, but it has just been a busy, busy, busy month. But I wouldn’t trade all these wonderful moments for anything in the world. I have some fun shoots lined up and can’t wait for them. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, supportive, and loving family who completely support what I do and who deal with my strange hours of work.

School starts in a few weeks and hopefully we will all get back on track with a regular schedule.

(Isn’t that the hope anyway?)


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