Sometimes I get so excited about the oddest things. I love quirky stuff. I love things that are out of the “traditional” realm of what people like. I like odd, plain and simple. I find beauty in things that some people find creepy or weird. I find beauty in things that others even consider ugly. I like to think that everything has beauty to it if you only open your eyes to it.

Recently, I came upon these Hopi Kachina dolls.I couldn’t stop looking at them and studying them. The detail and the art that went into making them fascinated me. Kachina dolls are the masked spirits of the Hopi Indian tribe.The dolls are meant to be treasured and studied, not children’s toys or idols of worship. They are essentially visual representations of the spiritual realm and are associated with rain, crops, and the healing of the sick.

I did have a hard time picking a favorite, but I am pretty sure that the first one was my ultimate favorite. Even though I was told he looks “creepy” by other people. I love the different colors and the look of it. The wolf one is my second favorite!

Do you find them creepy or are you just as fascinated with them as I am?


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