I now pronounce you……dreamy.

Are you on Pinterest? I am…..a lot. I have so many boards on there I have no idea what stuff I have pinned sometimes so I will go back and see that something is on a board twice. It means I really enjoyed it the first time and decided that it was worth repeating to make sure more people saw it.

Anyway…..on Pinterest I see some amazing stuff. People have boards for inspiration for everything from things they want to make to their dream home they want to build. You can find humor and art….and even the odd. It’s a great way to spend time and sometimes when I can’t sleep, that’s right where I go.

Last year on a photo shoot I stumbled across my dream home. Except it is not a home. It’s a condo. It’s unique and gorgeous and each time one of these condos is put on the market now…I drool. 

(But they only have two bedrooms…we need three. So this dream has to wait until some kids go off to college!)

What makes this condo so drool-worthy for me? Location, location, location.

It’s next to a park. It’s quiet. It’s an old neighborhood and very historical. All of the homes in the area are just stunning. It’s within walking distance to some amazing places. (In the Fall it is just spectacular!)


It’s inside a renovated 120 year old church. The condo has retained much of the beautiful architectural details from when it was a church, including the original woodwork and preserved stained glass pieces. (**swoon**)

It’s different. And it’s beautiful. I’m in love with this place.

While others are dreaming of multi-million dollar homes, I am dreaming of a quiet little church. A spot where my husband and I can take walks and be surrounded by beauty, history, and peacefulness.

(My husband is just happy that it wasn’t a renovated funeral home! That was my original dream home that I was keeping an eye out to find! ☺)

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