Frozen in time

Once upon a time there was this cute couple that embarked on a new life together in a new city. Their apartment was by a park, so one day they went over to the park and they took some adorable photos. They wrote the date on the back and the city, but no other information. They didn’t list the name of the park or the street.

They eventually went on to have four children. One of those children was obsessed with these photos and felt very drawn to them. She moved to the city the photos were taken and looked and looked for this spot. Eventually, the spot was found and she was overjoyed. It has basically remained unchanged. She got to see the pavilion where her parents sat and laughed. She got to see the the homes in the neighborhood that they looked at. She got to walk on the grass and stand in places where they stood. And that was when she realized, she was home.

My parents. St. Louis. July 21, 1961.
My husbands parents in the same park. July 2012.
My husband and I holding the pic of my parents in the same park where they were 51 year before us. We go to this park frequently and sit, take photos, let our children play, and we also pick up any trash lying around and talk to the neighborhood people and have gotten to know some of them. Mostly while we are here we honor my parents and we know that we were meant to find each other and find this park and bring our children here to connect them to their grandparents.

The apartment they lived in while they were in St. Louis. I met the owner of the building and he has said I could come in anytime and walk on the floors where they walked. See the rooms they lived in and just be connected to my parents even more than I already am! ♥
I miss my mom every single day and I know that she knows it. But this is for my dad…..I was so little when he died that I only remember bits and pieces of our time together. This song makes me think of him every time I hear it.

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