Wedding {Cherish}

Weddings usually mean a stressful and busy day for not only the bride and groom, but for their photographer as well. Making sure to get all the photos that you know they want and trying to capture the story of the day can be a bit overwhelming.
This was an awesome day and I can tell you that I laughed and cried and putting together the story of this day has reminded me of all those emotions and how I felt that day.
Being a photographer means that you get to experience everything through your camera and, for those of us who are very attached to our cameras, we recreate that day each time we look at the photos. My mom used to tell me that when she looked at her old photos that she could remember almost everything about the day it was taken. A photograph freezes that moment and when you look back at it you can be reminded of so many little details that you may have thought were forgotten.
Preserving these moments for clients, friends, family, and even for myself is why I pick up my camera every single day. 


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