Doctor Whom?

I post a lot of photos of Weeping Angels because I have always been a tad obsessed with collecting angels. Then I discovered a British television show that brought the Weeping Angels into the spotlight. 

(And please don’t ever write the name of the show as Dr. or Whovians across the world begin to weep.)

Well, here you have a fan that is so obsessed with Doctor Who that she wanted her own Weeping Angel photo. And I am always happy to oblige when it ends up being this cool….I love shoots that are thinking outside of the box!

She also loved this alignment of trees and that turned into a perfect photo op as well. These trees were very cool!

But I think one of my favorites ended up being this one…..she loved the trees and said it reminded her of a painting she saw. She wanted it to look like she stepped onto the painting. We accomplished just that…..

These trees are so spectacular and her pink hair just pops up against them! I absolutely love this shot!


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