Vintage Yearbook Textures {Freebie}

I love old books. When I was little I would get out my mom’s yearbooks and photo albums and go through them all the time. Constantly, actually.

I love the feel of old books and the way they smell. Even the different textures on the pages makes it even more like pieces of art for me.

Recently I needed a texture for a photo to make it look older, so I used a photo I took of an old yearbook cover. A lightbulb went off in my head and then this project was created.

All of these textures are old yearbook covers. I have been using them like crazy on photos and I am totally in love. I can tell that this will be one of my go-to sets no matter if I am working on portraits or landscapes. 

On the after I used Yearbook Texture #2 (Soft Light at 64% opacity) and Yearbook Texture #6 (Overlay at 76% opacity)

Download them HERE.


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