Chimera’s Revelation

“Art disturbs, science reassures.” 
~George Braque, Le Jour et la nuit

Sometimes I think about that quote and I think of all the ideas that swirl through my head on a daily basis. Sometimes, the art can be disturbing, but it still needs to find a place in the world. The ideas don’t stop until I pick up the camera or the paintbrush and bring them to life.
Such is the case with this series of images called “Chimera’s Revelation”. 
“Creepy”. “Disturbing” .”Eerie”. “Scary”. “Bizarre”….these are words that people have used to describe these photos when they see them. I also hear “cool” and “amazing” and yes, even “bad ass.” When you make people think or you convey emotions and feelings to them, you are creating art. 
These photos are inspired by a dream I had. (Disturbing? Yes! I have lots of disturbing dreams!). I have been overwhelmed by the positive responses to these photos (especially the “these are so cool, I am going to have nightmares” ones!).
Bringing this concept to life was amazing on so many levels. I hope you like the art just as much as I do!
If you would like to purchase a print, they are available as art prints HERE.


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