Cemetery Images {December 3, 2012}

This area is noted for it’s odd weather. One minute we will have gorgeous sunshine and the next it will be cold and rainy or snowing and then a few hours later we go right back to beautiful weather. You would think you would at least have an idea of what to expect weather-wise the first week of December. Right? Nope. Wrong! No one expected temps in the 70’s. Gorgeous skies. Simply put….perfect weather! I especially didn’t expect it since I have been so sick for the last few weeks. (Bronchitis and Scarlet Fever….
yes, Scarlet Fever
My fascination for old diseases served me well, I knew what it was and what to expect!)

Thinking a little fresh air would be good for me, I pulled myself out of bed, grabbed my camera and went out and captured these shots. I then went home and went right back to bed. I did at least TRY to make myself better, but the Scarlet Fever didn’t really cooperate!

I have told people that next I am going to bring back rickets…or scurvy! lol


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