Goodbye 2012….

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

Every year I start off saying I am going to take a photo every day and at the end of the year I will have 365 photos that tell the story of the past year. After a few days of skipping the photos I say that I will just instead do the Project 52 and I will take a photo every week. And then by the end of January I realize that there is no way I am doing either project. Making it like homework tends to make it harder for me to do. And even when a theme is provided that seems to make it even harder for me to get motivated.

This year was a wild and crazy one for me. So instead of saying I am going to do some Project 52 or 365 or whatever I am just going to use my camera to document life and I am going to use it to help others document their lives as well. I am going to continue to create art. I am going to continue to learn and grow. I’m going to master using this digital pen tablet for editing. I am going teach photographers how to shoot, edit, and use some off camera flash. And I am going to make time to put the away and focus on the little things in life too.

2012…you have been fun, interesting, and everything in between. But 2013…, THAT is going to be an awesome year!


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