New Year Traditions

What does a bison have to do with New Year Traditions? Well, in our family….A LOT!
Every January 1st my family takes a little drive out to Lone Elk Park to welcome the New Year. We usually get to see the bison and sometimes we get to see the elk too. But we mostly go because that seems to be the day that the bison are out and about…..and this January 1st they were especially active!
This guy was walking right along the side of the road to meet up with the herd that was down the hill, but when he got right about here…..the herd came up to him…..and to us. 
As we sat safely in our car, one by one the bison came up. One stopped right by the car and seemed to be rubbing his head against the bumper, then another walked in front of the car, a few went behind it and then they started crossing over the road. Except for one. He stood his ground….right in the middle of the road.
I am pretty sure I was laughing and giggling just as much as the kids were as these huge bison wandered around our car and looked inside at us. They are such massive creatures and so beautiful. I just wished I could reach out and touch their thick fur, but I know better than to even try!
And after we visit the bison we go do our other New Year Tradition…..doughnuts from Krispy Kreme!
Yes, our New Years celebrations are not the most outgoing and crazy, but they are fun. They mean something very special to us. Even though we go to Lone Elk and get doughnuts and do all of those things on other days of the year, it is still our special family time and we look forward to it.
I love starting my new year off hanging out with the people I love and just enjoying our family time!

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