Vintage {But not quite}

I love vintage photographs. I mean I really LOVE them. I have been in antique stores and found boxes of them and bought them just because I wanted to browse through them and revisit those moments that someone wanted to document. 
I have boxes of old family photographs and I continue to accumulate more through various family contacts. I am not sure what it is about the vintage images and whether it’s the beautiful coloring, thoughtful poses, or just the history and everything that comes with that which makes me love the images so very much. Maybe it’s a combination. Maybe it’s all of them. Maybe it’s all of those and reasons I have yet to comprehend. Whatever the case, I am a vintage photograph-a-holic.
I want to learn wet plate photography. I want to own a wet plate camera.
Until then I will create images like this and edit them until I feel they are vintage enough looking.
And yes, this is a fairly recent image I took. 
The costume came from Remember Me Vintage Clothing.


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