Art {Being an artist}

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: 
I am here to live out loud.” 

I am an art junkie.
I admit it.

I love going to the art museum. I have so many art sites bookmarked on my computer that I am surprised I can still find what I am looking for when I want to show it to people.

When I recently went into the Fine Arts section at the new Central Library, I thought my head might explode right off of my shoulders. It’s soooo good. 

Some people go crazy over shoes or purses. I act like that over art books, photography books….and the HUGE (I mean, crazy massive, takes two people to carry it) book they have about Leonardo da Vinci.

I find art and beauty in the strangest of places sometimes. Sometimes what people find disturbing I find beautiful. (Hence my fascination for taxidermy, mummification, and embalming.).

Sometimes we have to look with our imagination to see the art and the beauty that is around us. This sign for instance was just a plain ol’ sign in a window…but I saw it as more.

Look at the world around you and use your imagination, your creativity, and your soul….you’ll be amazed at the things that you can discover that will bring you joy!


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