Launching of the NEW ONLINE STORE

Soooo  after creating textures like crazy, I decided that I wanted to share them. What better way than to utilize Big Cartel and open a little online store for other photographers, graphic designers, etc. to grab some cute textures for their projects? So, it’s officially open…. you can go HERE to access it!   

I am adding more sets to it every chance I get, so keep an eye out. There will be more to come. In the meantime, let me tell you about what is already there….

The Inspired Texture Set

This set includes 10 textures that can transform your images in amazing ways. They are also wonderful for creating cards, templates, and even backgrounds!

After some editing that included overlaying a stained glass from a local chapel to brighten the image and give it more detail I ran the Jack the Ripper Texture over the bricks and this how they were transformed!
The Tones and Tints Texture Set

It is no secret how much I love vintage photography and vintage photographs. This set can make your modern photographs POP and it can also help you to create your own version of vintage plate photography! It’s versatile and some of the tones it highlights in images just makes people look at them and wonder how you did such a phenomenal transformation on your images!

The Travel Texture Set

I am fascinated by other countries, other cultures, and one day you will notice that I disappear off the internet and it will be because I packed up a simple backpack and took off to photograph Europe or somewhere else. I have a wandering spirit and sometimes my camera and I just need to get out and shoot something extraordinary.

This texture set brings the extraordinary to you….you don’t have to search the world or stand in long lines at the airport. Just simply overlay onto your images and BOOM….

The Cascade Texture Set

Your edits can go BOLD with this set or you can make some subtle changes that just make the image really stand out. You have lots of choices with this set. Tarnished Earth can give you a subtle change that will knock your socks right off. Want to go bolder? Use Taurus or Under Water. Want to make it look like an Autumn Sunset? Well, Smashing Pumpkins can help with that!

So many choices and so many different things you can achieve with this set!

If you want to purchase any of the sets listed here, simple visit the 

Everything is on SALE while I get it all up and running!
(And who doesn’t love a sale????)

If you have any questions about the textures, please email me at!


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