The Heart of Van Gogh

My love for art has always been at the forefront of my love for photography. I love incorporating pieces of art and pieces of photography and blending them to make pieces that I fall in love with over and over and over again.

One of my favorite artists of all time….Vincent Van Gogh. He needs no explanation as to why I love him so much. But he inspired this set. Which is why it is called the Heart of Van Gogh. He put every fiber of his being into his work, and especially his heart.

These textures are so beautiful on images!

Textures included:
Being Painterly
Bleaching Ground
Cafe Au Charbonnage
Daubigny’s Garden
Le Trustesse Durera Toujours
One Paris
Miners in the Snow
Love is Many Things
To Theo
The Hague
The Crack of Dawn
Peace in the Storm
The Poet’s Garden
White Frame
Paint My Dream
and of course…….
The Heart of Van Gogh
Purchase HERE


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