Brusha Brusha……{How to add new brushes in PS}

You can find Photoshop brushes pretty much anywhere on the web. Some brushes are free, some cost you, it all depends on what you are wanting to do with them. Some are free for commercial and personal use and some are not, make sure you check!

Photoshop comes with a series of default brushes, but you may have found a brush you can’t wait to try. (I think Meg Bitton’s Firefly Brush is usually the one everyone wants!)

So where to begin to add these cool, new brushes?

First you need to create a file somewhere on your computer where you can locate the downloaded brushes. Most of the time you will have to unzip/extract the file needed.

Save the brush to that folder you specify.
Go to the folder and click Extract File or Unzip (depending on your computer).
Once the file has extracted the folders within it you are going to look for the ABR file. That is what you will want to transfer.

Now you will need to located where PS is on your computer. Mine is at
c:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS5/Presets/Brushes

You will copy and paste that ABR file directly into this Adobe Brushes folder….

Next you will actually want to open your Photoshop Program.

Once it is open, you will click on your brush tool to activate it.

Once it is activated go up to the left top of your screen and you will see a triangle to the right of the brush. Click that triangle and then a pop out window will automatically open. Scroll down to Load Brushes. Then another window will pop open….


You will then need to go find the ABR file you just put into your Adobe Presets folder.
Find the ABR file and click on it and PS will load it into your brushes folder.

Your brush is now there and ready to use.
When I upload new brushes I always save a copy of my brushes so I don’t have to reinstall them all one at a time if anything crashes my PS. To do that you will Click that little triangle icon to the right of the brush again, go down to Save brushes, then create a folder to store all your saved Brush folders in as you update them. I will usually name mine the date they are saved just so I know when the last one was!
And that is it! Easy Peasy…and now you have some new brushes to play with!


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