FAQs about Texture Purchases

Textures can be used in Elements and Photoshop versions. 
Because of the digital nature of the product no refunds will be given.  Once an order is placed it will be sent in a digital file to the email address associated with the order. It can take several hours depending on your mail server for the file to show up. If you have not received your order after 12 hours, please email me at lori@loripetersonphotography.com so that I can check on it.
If you have a problem with the product once you receive it or are unable to download it, please contact me at lori@loripetersonphotography.com.   
By purchasing this Limited  License, you are agreeing to a license to use these products for personal or commercial use and agree to the following terms from Lori Peterson Photography.  This license is for the use of a single, individual Purchaser. This license does not extend to partnerships, corporations or LLC’s. 

You may use them for personal use or commercial use, but his product may not be resold, loaned, and or gifted to anyone else, group or person. You may not copy these products in anyway or repackage them and sell them. 
Please remember to backup any orders. Orders 30 days or less old will be resent with proof of original order. Orders older than 30 days will require proof of original order and a payment of $5.00.
All digital designs are copyright protected ©2008 Lori Peterson Photography. 

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