Motion Blur {A PS Tutorial}

Not too long ago images that looked like this started popping up in my newsfeed….I thought they were so cool and were probably oh so difficult to do too.

Well, they are very cool, but achieving the look is much easier than you think! Much, much easier!

First we open our image in PS.

We are going to use this image of some trees in Forest Park on a snowy day.

First thing, Duplicate your layer (Ctrl + J on a PC or Command + J if you are on a Mac). We are going to apply our blur to the layer so that we can mask it off and not mess up our original photo!
Go up to Filter> Blur> Motion Blur
A box will pop up that looks like this…..
We are going to change those original settings.
I basically changed them until I thought the blur was enough. Not too over the top though.
You will want to click the little icon at the bottom of your layer palette to add your layer mask. If you have a white layer mask, you need to make sure your foreground is set to black and that you are using a soft brush to mask it off. 
So, with your soft brush set to black, you will begin masking off the parts you don’t want so blurred. Use a soft brush set to about 9% opacity or so to start. (If you make a mistake, just switch your foreground color and go over it to cover it back up!)
Now once you get it to where you want it to be, you are going to need to crop it. You need to crop it because as you can see from applying the original blur that the edges of it are not fully blurred and don’t look quite right. Once you crop that out, you get rid of that issue. Flatten your image and get ready to crop.
So, this is now what the image looks like.
But I want to make it black and white and then add a tone to it.
You can convert your image to black and white however you normally do it. Some people have a favorite black and white action and that is fine. Your choice.
I added a gradient map (black and white) and then bumped up the contrast a bit. If you like how it looks, flatten your image.
Now, I am going to add the tone to it….
Go down to the bottom of your layer palette and click the adjustment layer icon (circle that is half dark/half light). When that pops up, click on Solid Color.
That will pop up the new layer. Click on the color that is there on the left and change it. I changed mine to color 454F71.
I ended up adjusting it to Soft Light, 48% opacity once I tweaked it to my liking.
Now you just flatten and save your image….and you are done!
A little before and after…..
Now your turn…..go try it!


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