Vintage Lace Texture Collection

Discussing textures with a friend she mentioned how she had a difficult time finding any textures with lace….well, I just happen to have a ton of lace around my house. My vintage wedding dress for starters….it was over 90 years old when my husband and I got married. I collect lace dresses just in case I have a vintage photoshoot and my model can wear them.

(It’s a sickness I tell you…I need a therapy group for prop collecting!)

So, I started scanning and photographing all the pretty little lace things I have and then I ended up with this texture collection.

There are 20 textures in the set and they are super versatile. You can achieve richer, deeper edits or you can make them soft and infused with lots of light depending on how you set your blending mode!

So I started with this image…..

Then I used two textures from the Vintage Lace Collection. I picked Attic Treasure and Sensual.
I overlayed the textures and then I used the blur tool to take the texture itself off the skin.
Changing blending modes resulted in two different images with the same textures! You can go for the darker, richer edit or a light infused, brighter image just by changing the blending modes on these textures!
20 Beautiful Lace Textures to add to your images to create effects or to use on their own for creations for your clients!

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