Blah Sky? Perk it up with cloud overlays!

How many times have you gone out on a shoot and the sky is white? Or just a flat, flat blue? No clouds. No definition. Just BLAH. Everything else can be perfect, but when the sky is boring there is a way to perk it up and make it interesting, dramatic, or just a little more interesting! You can be subtle with the changes or you can be intense with them depending on the look you are going for.

Like this image. I love it….but look at that sky. The sky does not help the image at all…..

So, time to add an overlay. I am using Swept from this Cloud Overlay Collection.
Put the cloud overlay on top. You don’t have to cover the entire image, just place it where you want it to cover the image.
Yeah…that doesn’t look too good so we are going to change that now.
In your layers palette, add a layer mask and then click Ctrl + I on the layer mask to invert it. The cloud overlay will disappear but you are going to be painting the sky onto the image using a soft black brush at a fairly low opacity. Make sure to make your brush smaller to fill in the small spaces.
Once you get the sky painted on like you want it then flatten your image and save it.

See the difference here….just subtle enough to make the image brighter and more beautiful!

To help you perk up some of your images, I put together 30 of my cloud overlays and packaged them up….and even my favorite Crack in Space and Time overlay is in there. 
(Doctor Who fans will really appreciate that one!)
Now, you are thinking…”Thirty cloud overlays…including the cool Doctor Who themed one….how much is this going to cost? Well, here is the awesome part….it’s just going to cost you a click. either share this with your friends or click the handy little buttons at the bottom of the post to share to Facebook or Google Plus or Pinterest….that’s it!
You can download the FREE Cloud Overlay Collection HERE.

If that link does not work, go HERE
(Apparently, we crashed the server on the first one! It should be restored tomorrow, but this one should work!!!)

And just in case it doesn’t….I added a new one HERE.

(And there are more textures HERE if you want to check them out!)


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