Rain, Rain {Overlays and a Tutorial}

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never experienced dancing in the rain.”

Sometimes when you want to bring mood to an image it’s as simple as adding a few clouds…or a little rain. (Sometimes a little of both works too!)

For instance, I love this image, but I wanted to make it a little moodier. A little darker. 
First thing I did was make it a black and white.
To do that I went added a Gradient Map Adjustment Layer. Once that popped up I selected the third option in the Gradient Map palette. It still wasn’t dark enough for me so I duplicated that layer.
 (Ctrl +J on PC, Command + J on Mac)
Now I wanted to add some rain. I went to the Rain Overlays and opened up Raining in London and  Rainfall and Mist. 
I first pulled Raining in London onto the image.

I changed the blending mode to Multiply and then I changed the opacity to 38%.

Next I pulled Rainfall and Mist onto the image.
I changed the blending mode to Screen and the opacity to 36%.
(And you can tweak the blending modes and opacity of those layers once you figure
 out which ones you want to use.)

Once I was done, I sharpened and saved it. And that’s it.

FYI……..Most of them have a black background so that when you overlay it, change your blending mode to screen so you can see it, then tweak your blending mode from there!
There are ones that are just rain. Ones that have some fog. A little bit of everything for you to transform your images!

You can download the set of  
Rain Overlays HERE OR HERE.
There are 25 overlays in the set.

Here is a little sample of them. 
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Thank you!!!

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