Somewhere over the Rainbow

A real rainbow is one of those things that gets a photographer’s attention. Like, really, really quick.
 “Where’s my camera?”
And then they will proceed to take photos of that rainbow from every single place they can. Even if they just have to pull their car over on the side of the road. Oh yes, they will!
Sometimes Mother Nature will grace us with a rainbow and it will be perfect. And sometimes she will be quite stingy and that rainbow will only last for a few minutes. So what’s a photographer to do? Create their own magical effect…that’s what!
This image is one of those moments when a rainbow came out…and then was gone before I could even get outside. But I knew where it was, what it looked like….and more importantly, how to recreate it.
I opened up the Full Rainbow overlay from the Rainbow Overlay Set.

(The background is actually transparent, but it needed a color to display it here…)

Anyhoodle….moving on.
Pull the rainbow on top of your image.
Looks awesome. Looks totally real. Right? Nope. Not quite yet…..let’s keep working!
Move your rainbow where you want it. If you want to change the shape of it just click Ctrl + T and resize it however you need to. Once you get it where you want we will still need to tweak it. 
Change your blend mode to Screen.
Add a layer mask by clicking the little icon circled at the bottom of the above screenshot.
Make sure your brush is set to a soft brush and your foreground is black and then you can start removing the effect where you don’t want it. You can change your brush opacity to a low number. On this I just needed to get rid of the edges, so I used it at 100% , but I could have just as easily done it using a lower opacity and just continued to mask over it.
When I tweaked my opacity of the layer I ended up using a Screen mode at  39% opacity. 
And YES, you can use these on portraits too!

(I made it just a little darker for this portrait so you could see it better! I would decrease the opacity just a tad more before showing it to a client!)

There are 5 rainbows in this set. But that’s all you need. 
There is a half, 2 full, a rainbow circle (like a lightring), and….a double rainbow!
You can download your rainbow set HERE Or HERE.
These are PNG files, not JPG’s. They have a transparent background!
If you download these and want to make sure you are alerted when I put more freebies or tutorials out there, go to MY FACEBOOK PAGE and LIKE it. 
(For more textures/overlays go here!)


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