In the Moment

As a photographer, I struggle with always making sure images are perfect in camera. In my head I might have a particular look I am going for and that might even require some extra work in post process. But when it comes to my family, I am learning to live in the moment. Cell phone photos are better than no photos. Cell phone photos enable me to just take shots when I want to. It has been a very eye-opening experience to go on a big vacation with my family and limit my number of shots I am using with my “big” camera.

I think we all sometimes get caught in capturing the perfect moment and then one day I realized that I was missing some perfect moments because I was working on setting my camera or changing my lenses. Sometimes the imperfect can be pretty darn perfect!

Cell phones can help you capture those imperfectly perfect moments!

I am sharing some shots from our recent trip to the beach to show you that no matter what kind of cell phone camera you have that the important this is that you just use it and capture those moments. These moments would have been lost had I not used my camera phone!

The beach……time to relax!
Playing in the water!

Down at the boardwalk. Looking for ice cream….or wait….how about a funnel cake??
There is a carnival like atmosphere on the boardwalk!

Walk on the ocean!

Someone dug a hole….was Joey Tribiani here??? 


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