About the Photographer

My photography journey is honestly not much different from every other photographer’s in the world. I think our paths somehow start the same way, but then we tend to take different twists and turns and that is how we all end up in similar, but very different, places.

I have always loved taking photographs. I have so many photographs from growing up and I am not really in any of them because I was the one always jumping behind the camera. I don’t regret one moment of doing that because I learned how to shoot film, I learned how to develop film, and then I moved on and learned how to shoot digitally.

I started out with photographing my children, then moved onto friends and family, and the world around us. This evolved into wanting to learn more and pushing myself to become a better photographer and to learn editing. I jumped into Photoshop head first and haven’t looked back. I know how to use it when I need to and know when to back away when I don’t. It’s a tool I use just as I would different lenses or flashes or anything else I need to make the photo more interesting or pleasing to the eye.

I now have my own business shooting portraits and love what I do every single day. I also get to explore the art side of my personality by being a Resident Artist at a local art gallery.



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