Snow Day Photo Fun

This is an image I edited of the frozen Mississippi River from the Illinois side looking over into Missouri.

Mississippi River Lori Peterson Photography

Here is the before image:

2014 frozen Mississippi River St. Louis MO Lori Peterson Photography



We are currently in the depth of a long winter here. I needed to look at some images of flowers! I needed to be reminded that after this long winter that we will have some beautiful sights to see!

Living in Print

As a photographer one of the things that I spend a lot of time doing is getting images ready for printing. I know that there are a lot of photographers out there who just give a CD of the images and move on, but I prefer giving my clients prints. Technology changes, but being able to hold a printed image will always be better than anything technology can bring our way.  Think of the difference between holding a CD in your hand and an original Ansel Adams in your hand, which would you prefer? Of course, the Ansel Adams print!

I started working on my family tree many years ago and one of the most incredible things about the entire process was the accumulation of family photos that I started. For Christmas I put together albums of the images for my great-aunts. One of my great-aunts called me and was in tears after receiving it. She told me that her house had burned to the ground in the 1950’s and she had lost all of her photographs. Her sisters and brothers gave her some copies, but back then printing images was a luxury that most people couldn’t afford. There were images in those albums that she had not seen since that time. There were some she had never seen before. 
There is a value to holding a photograph in your hand. It’s something that you look at with your eyes, but you can feel that moment. Whether it’s a portrait, art print, or just a snapshot holding it in your hand is to be able to travel in time and be in the moment. 

I am so in love with Nations Photo Lab for my prints. I can not tell you enough how amazing their service and quality is for prints. I recently ordered some 16×24 size prints from them and couldn’t stop looking at how spot-on they were with the colors. I have spent so much time tweaking my images for color with other labs and I have not had to do that once for any of my orders from NPL. I have now ordered so many different sizes from them and each time I am just blown away by how great the images look. Even the small wallet images look great! (Although I love the BIG prints myself!)

I want people to know that feeling of holding their printed image. I want them to be able to give those images to their children and to all the generations that follow. I may not compare to Ansel Adams, but I know the true value of a beautiful printed image and so do my clients. There is nothing like standing back and seeing your work printed and ready to grace the walls of a home, a gallery, or a business. If you are currently only giving CDs to your clients, I urge you to start thinking about printing those images. I am so thankful for each one of the old photographs I received and that I was able to share with my great-aunts. 
Thank you so much to everyone at NPL for all the work you do and for giving photographers such beautiful, quality prints for their clients. 

These people live again in print as intensely as when their images were captured on old dry plates of sixty years ago… I am walking in their alleys, standing in their rooms and sheds and workshops, looking in and out of their windows. Any they in turn seem to be aware of me. ~Ansel Adams

Canvas Prints {Art}

It is no secret that I love my art. And I love for everyone else to be able to appreciate and love art as well. I love seeing images that I take displayed and I know that other photographers feel the same way.

One of the easiest ways to get clients to display their images is by offering them canvas prints of their images. They are beautiful. There’s no worry about broken glass when moving them around. And they look gallery ready, which makes your clients feel extra special. (Isn’t that our goal as photographers anyway?)

I know a lot of photographers wonder about the different types of canvas and the framing. There is a company that prints images to canvas and their website explains a lot of the questions that most photographers have regarding canvas prints! You can visit Royal Canvas to get more information about turning your images in works of art right on their site!

Tunnel Vision

I have anxiety about tunnels. When we make any road trip that is one of the things I consider and have to be prepared for. Normally, I let my hubby drive and I wear headphones and close my eyes. This year I decided to get creative…and face it like a photographer. I shot video and still photos as we went through them. It helped. I still don’t like them. They still make me anxious, but at least now I know I can deal with them a little better. (And without screaming! lol)

This is from the Big Walker Mountain tunnel in West Virginia.
(or as I was calling it…the Walker Texas Ranger Tunnel.)

This seemed to work pretty well for me. I don’t know how often I can get by with taking photos or video when I get anxious about something, but I am going to give it a try! ♥


“You’re going to meet many people with domineering personalities: the loud, the obnoxious, those that noisily stake their claims in your territory and everywhere else they set foot on. This is the blueprint of a predator. Predators prey on gentleness, peace, calmness, sweetness and any positivity that they sniff out as weakness. Anything that is happy and at peace they mistake for weakness. It’s not your job to change these people, but it’s your job to show them that your peace and gentleness do not equate to weakness. I have always appeared to be fragile and delicate but the thing is, I am not fragile and I am not delicate. I am very gentle but I can show you that the gentle also possess a poison. I compare myself to silk. People mistake silk to be weak but a silk handkerchief can protect the wearer from a gunshot. There are many people who will want to befriend you if you fit the description of what they think is weak; predators want to have friends that they can dominate over because that makes them feel strong and important. The truth is that predators have no strength and no courage. It is you who are strong, and it is you who has courage. I have lost many a friend over the fact that when they attempt to rip me, they can’t. They accuse me of being deceiving; I am not deceiving, I am just made of silk. It is they who are stupid and wrongly take gentleness and fairness for weakness. There are many more predators in this world, so I want you to be made of silk. You are silk.” 

(C. JoyBell C.)