Jefferson City, MO {Capitol and Museum}

I absolutely love to visit Jefferson City, Missouri.  There is so much to see and visiting the Missouri State Capitol Building is always fun. The capitol building was built in 1917 and is quite impressive. They also have the Missouri State Museum inside the building and I always find new stuff to look at and enjoy. The museum is home to a lot of the state’s natural and cultural history.
Currently inside the museum they are exhibiting Civil War flags. They have 135 flags in their possession, but only have 7 of them on display at the present time.The flags are around 150 years old and are falling into disrepair, so the staff has been working to restore  and conserve the integrity of the flags. It costs about $30,000 to repair and conserve one flag! They do not recreate any missing pieces, they are keeping the original condition and design of the flags. They are framed so that no one can handle them and it allows for easier transport of the flags and keeps them from deteriorating any further.
The architecture and the details of the building, inside and out, are truly spectacular. If you ever have a chance to visit the Missouri Capitol Building I suggest you do so. The building is located at 201 W. Capitol, Jefferson City, MO 65101 and is open 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, except holidays. 
Missouri State Capitol Building, Jefferson City, MO
From the display in the museum about flags.
Civil War miniatures in the museum.
Inside the capitol building….lots to see.
Love the lines in this one….
Outside the capitol building.
Statue of Thomas Jefferson with a church and the American Flag (and an eagle) outside the Missouri State Capitol Building.


Walking through History

In St. Louis we are very lucky to have such a rich and colorful history that still surrounds us. We can actually visit and touch and see parts of our heritage here. There is a neighborhood right off the highway, tucked behind old trees and facing big brick buildings where beer was brewed by the Lemp family is the DeMenil House.

Their history is not tragic as the Lemp history is, but their story is important to St. Louis too. The home was built in 1848 and was originally a farmhouse. When the DeMenil family purchased the home they added on to the house and it became a Greek Revival Mansion and it is pretty much unchanged from that time.

The neighborhood is still quiet even though there is a busy highway right next to it. Traffic is slow. And now that Cherokee Street is such a booming area and it is within walking distance, more people are discovering this historic little gem tucked away between big buildings and the highway.

If you took a walk around the neighborhood, this is what it looks like…..

Chatillion-DeMenil Mansion
Back of the house and the iron fence that surrounds it.

Red brick sidewalks.

Lots of iron fencing….

More iron work on the fencing…

What a beautiful gate door.