We are currently in the depth of a long winter here. I needed to look at some images of flowers! I needed to be reminded that after this long winter that we will have some beautiful sights to see!


The Garden

Spring has sprung in St. Louis, as evidenced by these beauties!

The textures used on this image are from my shop:
To achieve this look I used:
English Garden (Overlay 65%)
from the Add Some Color Collection
Trippy (Soft Light 100%)
from the Lots O’Color Collection
Structured (Screen 8%)
from the Art Nouveau Collection
Structured (Soft Light 77%)
removed at 11% from the red flowers
from the Art Nouveau Collection
No Harm (converted to grayscale, Soft Light 63%)
from the Art Exhibition Collection

A Little Bit of Mo Bot

Saturday morning it was too gorgeous to be inside. I talked my son into going to the Missouri Botanical Gardens with me and exploring some of the displays that they have for the Chinese Lantern Festival while we were there. Even during the day, some of these things are quite impressive!

As soon as you enter the Gardens you are greeted by an enormous blue fountain with a dragon and fish. And it only gets better from there. I was really impressed with the Porcelain Dragons. (There are two of them! Even more impressive!) and they are made out of porcelain cups, saucers, plates and spoons and they are all tied together. 

They also have a variety of Buddhas and they were just outstanding.  They have a walkway of crescent moons and stars which I am sure is just beautiful at night to walk through.

I love being able to go up to MoBot on a whim and walk around. It’s one of my favorite places in STL to visit. If you are ever here, be sure to check them out. They have several special events throughout the year. (Their Orchid Festival is a favorite of mine!)

St. Louis Summertime

Is it hot where you live? It is certainly summertime here. We have the temps and the humidity to prove it. Spring and Fall in our area are just way too short!
Since it’s been so hot I haven’t really been out working. No one enjoys getting out in our almost 100 degree temps here! Not even the plants. I took these photos before it got so hot that everything started to wilt and die. Pretty soon everything will just be brown and crispy because it got cooked by the St. Louis sun! 
I love how lush the greens look and how it looks cool. I am longing for our beautiful Spring weather again. If we all wish together maybe we can make that happen! (I wish it worked like that!)
What’s your weather like? Is it hot everywhere????

Here is one of my favorites from this past Spring!

Rain, rain……go away!

It seems like everyone is dealing with rain lately. No matter where people are, I keep hearing everyone complain about the amount of rain we are getting. We all went straight from cold, winter weather to so much rain that places are flooding.

I was hoping for a pretty Spring, but it doesn’t seem that we are getting that. We are just getting soggy!!

I needed to scout a location for an engagement shoot and headed out to the Butterfly House. I took my camera along so I could see what it was like and get an idea of the space, etc.

The number of butterflies in there is off the charts! Unreal! The zoom and zing right at you. At first it was a little weird because they have zero fear of people. And then it became very cool once I realized I could get closer to them and they weren’t scared of the sound of the camera shutter! Yay!

I didn’t stay long…the humidity was off the charts too!

Here are a few of my fave shots from the day. (Notice the tiny little spider on the red flowers…he was a tiny little guy!)