Myra {Senior Portraits}

Fall has been so kind to us here in St. Louis. The colors, the weather…it’s just been perfect. And with great weather and beautiful colors comes fabulous shooting weather! This was one of my favorites to do because her Mama is a very good friend of mine. I adore this girl and her family. She is not only absolutely gorgeous, but she is also very kind and amazingly intelligent. Clients like this make my job incredibly easy!


Children’s Photoshoots

Children’s photoshoots are always the wild cards! We never know what to expect from them. As a mom myself I fully understand that we can not predict or even begin to anticipate what our little ones will do when faced with their very own photoshoot. Sometimes things go smoothly…and sometimes they don’t. But don’t worry, I am used to it all.  I would love to say that my own children have been perfect angels for every single photoshoot of theirs, but I can’t.

I think that unpredictable factor is what makes children’s photoshoots so much fun. They keep us on our toes. Literally. They are all over the place!

Whether we are doing a one year cake smash or an older child’s shoot, I like to make each shoot unique to that child. In addition to our styled beginning of the shoots, I always like to add a lifestyle approach to the end. I let them be themselves and I follow and document. Sometimes I only get the backs of their heads as they are running away, but then I get ahead of them and work it from the other angle!

(See a pattern there…one they get mobile, they can outrun ALL of us!)


So, if your child does nothing but run on your photoshoot day, we can capture it.
They want to sleep…we can get that too.
Most importantly we just want to document them being little so that you have beautiful and fun images to look back on and remember this special time!
Call today or email to schedule your child’s unique and fun photoshoot!