Lori Peterson Photography is an award winning photographer located in the St. Louis Metro area that specializes in portrait photography. Her unique and eclectic vision provides her clients with one-of-a-kind sessions. No matter what the subject, she approaches each shoot as a work of art and strives to provide her clients with timeless images that they will treasure for generations.

Lori has always loved art and the creation of art via her camera have provided her with new avenues to explore. As a side project she began to create art pieces and began entering local art shows and exhibitions.

Her work has been featured by various photography organizations and she has had art exhibits in local Metro St. Louis art galleries. In May 2013, one of her art pieces won 1st place in the Heroes juried art exhbition. In October 2013, one of her images won 1st place in the juried exhibit titled Fear. Her work has also been included in the 33 shows sponsored by the Old Orchard Gallery. In addition to exhibiting in art shows has also written articles for several publications, including Digital Photography School, which has over one million subscribers.

Honors and Awards

  • 2013, Fear II, (juried exhibit), Soulard Art Market, St. Louis, MO, 1st place
  • 2013, Heroes, (juried exhibit), Soulard Art Market, St. Louis, MO, 1st place
  • 2013, (January 2), Just Color and Art Top Selection, “Human Soul”
  • 2013, (January 3), JC&A, Shot in Evidence, “Snowstorm”
  • 2013, (January 5), Cameraraw Newsletter Pre-Selection, , “Within a Dream”
  • 2013, (January 6), Just Color and Art Top Selection, “Unconditional Love”
  • 2013,  (January 7), Cameraraw Newsletter Pre-Selection, “A Father’s Love”
  • 2013, (January 10), Cameraraw Newsletter Pre-Selection, “Victory of Science Over Ignorance”
  • 2013, (January 13), Cameraraw Newsletter Pre-Selection, “Not Afraid”
  • 2013, (January 16), Just Color and Art Top Selection, “Victorian Mourning”
  • 2013, (January 20), Passione Photo Gallery Top Image, “Victorian Mourning”
  • 2013, (January 21), Cameraraw Newsletter Pre-Selection, “Releve”
  • 2013, (January 24), Cameraraw Newsletter Pre-Selection, “Perfect Moment”
  • 2013, (January 25), Cameraraw Newsletter Pre-Selection, “Beauty”
  • 2013, (January 30), Cameraraw Newsletter Pre-Selection, “The Power of a Woman”
  • 2013, (February 1), Cameraraw Newsletter Pre-Selection, “The Beautiful Outdoors”
  • 2013, (February 4), Cameraraw Newsletter Pre-Selection, “Earth Goddess”
  • 2013, (February 4), Photolab Evidence Gallery, Selected for Evidence, “The Beautiful Outdoors”
  • 2013, (March 17), Cameraraw Newsletter Pre-Selection, “Tendons”
  • 2013, (March 19) JC&A Artistique Contest, Best of All Award, “Unconditional Love”
  •  2013, (April 5-7), JC&A Elite Weekend Photo Award, “Rooftop View”
  •  2013 (April 14-15), Cameraraw Photo of the Day and Cover Winner, “One Soul”
  •  2013, (April 15), JC&A Elite, Cover Winner, “One Soul”
  • 2013, (April 15) JC&A Preselect, “Itsy Bitsy Sprider”
  • 2013, (April 15), Cameraraw Newsletter Pre-Selection, “One Soul”
  • 2013, (April 22), JC&A Preselect, “Baby Kisses”
  • 2013, (April 23), JC&A Preselect “Post-Apocalyptic World War”
  • 2013, (May 1), JC&A Preselect, “Waiting”
  • 2013, (May 6), JC&A-(Elite 11 Selection), “Tendons”
  • 2013, (June 1), JC&A-(Elite 11 Selection-Artwork), “Meet Me in St. Louis”
  • 2013, (June 8), JC&A Top Photo Selection, “Eleventh Hour”
  • 2013, (June 10), View Bug Children’s Portrait Contest (Juried Images-Top 10),“Unconditional Love”
  • 2013, (June 13), View Bug (Juried Images), Achievement in Originalty, “Destruction”
  • 2013, (July 12), JC&A Elite, Portrait Category Top Photo, “Retro Beauty”
  • 2013, (July 13), JC&A Elite, Black and White Category Top Photo,  “Elizabeth”
  • 2013, (September 21), JC&A Elite-(Elite 11 Selection), “The Vault”

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